Watching Feet

Another striking excerpt from Max Power’s upcoming book Little Big Boy!

Maxpower's Blog

Little Big Boy coming soon from Max Power

Just a teaser

…..“Aaaaah shut up your shaggin’ moanin’ will ya”

I knew the signs.  It is hard to remember them all, but some arguments stick in my mind.  There were so many, they often blend together in a mush of loud voices, fear and sometimes outright terror.  This particular one was most certainly not the first one I had witnessed, but it sort of marked the beginning of what was to come.  I think this was the start of the decent for me.  I’m not sure why, but it felt like a transition.  There had been some kind of truce after Lo-Lo was born.  Everyone got along and it was like a golden age in my little world.  Dad resumed drinking again after a few months of course, but then when my brother died, he stopped again and our house was…

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