Share With You Sunday- A Class of Sorts

Several days ago I received an email from Hayley about a book discussion series being led by Matt Wolfe, a professor at Ohio University and Marshall. In this series, he will be discussing religion and mysticism in Science Fiction. The group will meet the last Sunday of every month, beginning with this Sunday, January 25th, and run through May 24th. There will be a new book to discuss at each meeting and, while it helps to have read the book prior to the meeting, it’s not required. We are beginning with Margarete Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.
I’ve heard great things about Matt Wolfe and his classes, but was never fortunate enough to get to take one. So despite the workload of classes this semester, this was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up. I’ve never been a huge Science Fiction fan, but the approach that he is taking does seem like it will be interesting. And besides, a good writer should never stop learning about all facets of the craft, whether you write that genre or not. You never know where you’ll find some helpful information or inspiration.

The following is the information taken from the flyer. I really hope to see all of you there!

Religion and Mysticism in Science Fiction

A Book Discussion Series

Matthew Wolfe, Discussion Leader

Winter/Spring 2015

Margaret Atwood * The Handmaid’s Tale * January 25

Mary Doria Russell * The Sparrow * February 22

Frank Herbert * Dune * March 22

Kurt Vonnegut * Cat’s Cradle * April 26

Ursula K. LeGuin * The Telling * May 24

Additional events TBA

SUNDAYS at 2PM, Cabell County Public Library,

455 9th Street, Huntington, WV 25701 — ROOM 1

F R E E !

Come Explore the Cosmos

For God and Science

Matthew Wolfe holds a PhD in literature and teaches at Marshall U and at Ohio U. For More Information: Also Visit Mystical Wolfe on Facebook &


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