Writer Wednesday- Glimmertrain Press

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Writer Wednesday! Today I’m going to share my experience with the literary journal “Glimmertrain Press.” They are a medium size, WELL PAYING market and they have different types of submissions every month, all year long. My mentor, Hayley, advised me that they were definitely one of the harder ones to get published by and I’ve tried four times total, each to no avail. However the last time I submitted, rather than checking the site to see if it had been accepted, I received a personally written email with feedback, so that was very encouraging. When I told Hayley, she was pleasantly surprised as well and assured me that that in itself was quite the accomplishment. Go, me!
The next deadline is January 31st for their Very Short Fiction Award and I’m actually considering entering once again. Maybe my fifth time will be the charm, right? If any of you would like to check them out and give it a go, just click on the link to be taken to their website. Good Luck!!



One comment

  1. Hayley · January 15, 2015

    Yep…just keep trying! I’m on my third round for New Millenium Writings…honorable mentions, but no enchilada!

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