Unveiling the (Somewhat) New Blog

Hello, everyone, and welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the new year ahead. As I’d indicated previously I’ve been somewhat busy during my blogging hiatus in an attempt to get caught up on many things that had been neglected once I returned to school. One of those things was revamping this blog and creating somewhat of a schedule, if you will, to make posts more consistent. While the revamping isn’t completely finished, the scheduling is. Here’s what you can expect to see each week.
On Mondays I really want to start everyone’s week off right with something inspiring or motivational. This may be a quote, an inspiring story, some advice, etc. Anything that might help you start your week off feeling good about the days ahead. We’re going to call these “Motivational Mondays.”
Your next tidbit will be Writer Wednesdays. On this day of the week I will share with you some writerly information that I’ve acquired that week. This could be anything from writing advice from an article I’ve read or information on an upcoming contest or conference to a neat little writing exercise or prompt I’ve come across.
And finally we have Share With You Sundays. Sundays will be somewhat more personal as they will be posts regarding updates on my current WIP, a really great book I’m currently reading and just have to tell you about, conferences I’m attending, and pretty much anything related to my personal writing and reading. I’m including reading in this as I feel that any great writer should also be a voracious reader and that I am.
I hope everyone enjoys what I’ll be sharing with you and finds it somewhat useful. I welcome any and all feedback on everything that I post so I can learn what works and what doesn’t. So please feel free to either comment away on the post that strikes you or send me a personal message and let me know what you think.
Cheers, everyone!


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