And Nano Comes To a Close…

The whole month of November I participated in National Novel Writer’s Month for the fourth year. I was more involved this year than ever before, attending the weekly write-ins every chance I could, trying different methods to boost my word count, etc. I was determined that this year, by the Gods, I was going to win this thing! Then, as the month of November wore on I gradually fell behind on my word count. However, I did something this year that I’ve never done in previous years. I continued to write! Imagine that! Rather than tossing in the towel after realizing that it would be almost virtually impossible to secure a win, I still kept attending the write-ins and writing as much as possible, whenever possible.
On November 30, the last day of Nano, I clocked in at 25,119. However, rather than feel defeated at not achieving the 50,000 word goal for the month, I feel so very proud of what I did achieve. Never before have I ever written 25,000 words in any month, let alone a Nano month. Looking at my stats from previous years I seemed to have a pattern of topping out at barely 11,000 and then giving up.
Another thing I’m taking away from all of this is that now I know what I’m capable of. I now know that it’s very possible for me to crank out 2,500 words in a day. Just think of the possibilities if I actually wrote that many words everyday! Of course I’d be able to crank out a book every six months like James Patterson or Nora Roberts! Excluding death or a serious extended illness, there’s no reason why it should take me two years to put a book out.
So I’m going to take my 25,119 words and my optimism and run with them! I will have the first draft of Sunstone Covens 2 finished no later than December 31st. I will take a week, maybe two, to step away from her for a while. Then I will come back and make her sparkle and shine with rewrites and edits. She will be ready for the world no later than February 7th. I’ve no excuses any longer.
Also, as the month of December progresses, keep an eye out on this blog. I plan on revamping it and trying some new things with it. I’d like to begin posting more of my actual writing for everyone as well as maybe a regular piece on some aspect of the writing life, be it craft or publishing. Keep an eye out in 2015 people! It’s already looking to be a spectacular year!


One comment

  1. Marsha Blevins, Author · December 2, 2014

    I feel some blogging parties coming on for us! You are so right about NaNo too. The point isn’t the number of words it is being consistent.

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