The Rebels and Readers Author Event

This past weekend I had the privilege of volunteering at the Rebels and Readers Author Event in Huntington, WV. There were so many authors and the turn out was astounding. People had such a great time connecting with their favorites and getting pictures and autographs. For me it was inspiring and motivating.
I know I’ve posted previously about motivation and how it comes and goes. Sometimes I get into these slumps and I’m just not feeling the creativity. I know, I know. On these days I need to just plant my butt in the chair and force the words out, but really. Anyone who’s a writer will tell you that that advice is much easier given than practiced. Anyway, if I recall the post correctly I said that different things or events will trigger that motivation for me and it will last for about two-three weeks. This event was definitely a trigger for me, seeing all of these fans lined up at author’s tables just to get their autograph and maybe a picture. I want that. And the only way to get that, I know, is to plant my butt in the seat even when the motivation and inspiration is depleted. I can do this!

Yep, that's a room full of authors!

Yep, that’s a room full of authors!

Some of the most awesome swag ever!!

Some of the most awesome swag ever!!



  1. sarahdaviswrites · November 13, 2014

    I’m the same way. When we published the anthology and did the book signing I was ridiculously motivated. Now I find myself sitting at my computer staring blankly at the screen, forgetting how to even form a proper sentence.

  2. Marsha Blevins, Author · November 14, 2014

    I think the event highlighted something a little different for me. Regardless of how you get published, at some point, marketing and public interaction falls to the author. I noticed some authors had swag, some didn’t. Some authors had the beef-cake men, most didn’t. Most had bookmarks, postcards, etc. to promote a book or books and their webpages. What absolutely floored me were the authors who didn’t have people at their tables and didn’t seem to care. The authors weren’t smiling. They didn’t speak to people passing by. I walked by one lady 3-4 times over the course of an hour and each time she was playing with her phone. As a reader, or potential reader, I was put off by that. I don’t remember that woman’s name. Chances are I won’t ever read her book or recommend it to someone else. I knew one author at the event and I did seek her out to buy a copy of one of her books. I ended up by 3 other books for no other reason that the author made an effort to talk to me or had some sort of gimmick (crazy glasses you could wear for a picture with her for her site). Those books really aren’t my cup of tea, but the authors put forth an effort to tell me about their work so I bought a copy.

    Sorry this turned out to be so long and ranty, but this kind of stuff frustrates me.

  3. mylitlife · November 14, 2014

    No worries! That’s actually a great observation and point. Whether you are traditionally published or self published, you still need to promote yourself and present yourself as approachable and personable. At least until you make it. Then you can be a crochety old bastard like Stephen King and George R.R. Martin, lol. 😉

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