Mornings… I used to hate them…

And I still kind of do. But I’m actually becoming rather fond of them because that’s when I’m able to get in some quality writing time. I don’t have to go in to the day job until 10 a.m. most mornings. The hubs has to arrive to work at 8:30. We only have one car, so this means that unless I want to walk to work or ride the bus (yuck to both), I have to go in early. So I figured I would take advantage of the extra two hours and write! I have him drop me off at McDonald’s, I grab me a frappe and a table and get work done. I get in at least an hour and 45 minutes on these days. The extra fifteen being for getting my frappe and then walking over to work afterwards. Amazingly enough, this puts me in a great mood for the rest of the day because I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere and accomplishing something. Just another reason why my day job at the bookstore rocks! 

Now for an update on the writing itself. I actually have several projects going right now. This morning I’ve been brainstorming on my new young adult project. Once I finish this post, I’m going to transition to brainstorming for the short piece of horror fiction for the anthology that my writer’s group is working on. We hope to have it out in time for some Halloweeny fun! The other projects are getting their time as well, but nothing notable. Yet! I know people are anxious for the next installment of my Suntone Covens series. Soon, my dears. Soon.


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